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How To Raise A Successful Startup With Remote Team

Covid situation has given an acceleration to the use of technology and rejuvenated the way businesses use to work. Now workplace is out of bounds of geography and owned physical locations. The tech enabled virtual work spaces enables businesses to source talent from remote places and offered flexible schedule for employees along with better work life balance. However, good things also brings along some challenges also. Managing remote teams remains a challenge for various startups which leading to lesser productivity or lower quality of work. Lets us see the key elements for raising a successful startup with a remote team.

Hire the right candidate

It is absolutely important to hire a right candidate that is fit for the position in terms of knowledge and skills. Not only this, one should also be self motivated and disciplined in their day to day routine. Considering the flexibility, work-life balance and other benefits that remote work offers, there are many takers to join the remote teams. However, not everyone will suit your talent needs and be a fit for your company culture. So, have a well-thought hiring plan and strategies and build in means to verify the qualitative and behavioral aspects of an individual before hiring them. In essence, choose wisely and build the right team.

Create process execution, accountability and quality of work

Formulate processes of task distribution and tracking, which should remove all types of confusions/possible confusions while working. The periodic tracking in terms of timeline and quality bring in an accountability and thus disciplined approach towards work. Instead of verbal feedback, build parameters and each function and track them closely. Our Virtual CFO can certainly help you with this.

Leverage Technology for better collaboration:

There is a wide range of tools available in the market to nurture collaboration amongst remote teams. Leverage the right tools for seamless collaboration among teams. Ensure that the tools are simple and easy to adopt, freeing up employee bandwidth from grunt work and enabling them to focus on the core business. No need to over-complicate things with multiple tools as that may prove to be counterproductive.

Communication and transparency are key

Teams working from home seldom meet their co-workers in person. It is important to create communication channels which may lead to effective multi-way communication and transparency among Management and teams. Let them communicate on things other than work also. It will help them build a sense of belonging-ness and conducive environment to communicate. Encourage employees to respond quickly to emails and messages to avoid miscommunications and untoward consequences.

Remote working is a blessing in disguise both for businesses and working cadre. However, it is important to ensure that it is not coming at the cost of work diligence.

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