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Your partner in business success!

Empowering businesses with seamless setup, licensing, and compliance solutions etc.

Company Setup

At Ausweg Consulting LLP, we specialize in guiding businesses through the intricate process of company setup. Whether you're launching a Private Limited Company, registering an LLP, or establishing a Partnership Firm, we ensure a smooth and compliant foundation.


Our expert team handles every aspect, from drafting documents to obtaining necessary approvals, so you can focus on building your business confidently.

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Licensing Services

Navigating the regulatory landscape for licenses can be daunting. At Ausweg Consulting LLP, we offer comprehensive licensing services tailored to your business needs. Whether it's acquiring Import/Export Licenses, Labor Licenses, or other regulatory permits, our experienced consultants streamline the process.


We ensure compliance with all legal requirements, enabling your operations to proceed seamlessly and efficiently.

Compliance Service

Staying compliant with statutory regulations is crucial for sustained business success. Ausweg Consulting LLP provides extensive compliance services to meet all legal obligations. From EPF-ESI compliance to income tax filing, GST registration and compliance, ROC filings, and RBI compliance for Indian subsidiaries, our dedicated team ensures that your business operates within the bounds of the law.


Trust us to manage your compliance needs so you can focus on growing your business.


Client Stories

Delve into our Client Stories where we showcase inspiring journeys of success across diverse industries. Learn how Ausweg Consulting LLP drives growth and innovation for businesses worldwide.

Client: Bright Enterprise

At Bright Enterprise, we were at a critical juncture of expansion when we sought Ausweg Consulting LLP's expertise. Their meticulous guidance in navigating the complexities of company setup and compliance was invaluable. From facilitating

Year: 2024

our transition to a Private Limited Company to securing essential licenses, Ausweg Consulting's team ensured seamless operations. Their proactive approach in managing compliance, especially with GST and ROC filings, has

Industry: Manufacturing

not only kept us legally sound but also optimized our operational efficiency. Thanks to their strategic support, we've successfully scaled our manufacturing operations, achieving significant growth milestones.

Client: InnovateTech

InnovateTech Solutions had ambitious goals in the tech industry and turned to Ausweg Consulting LLP for comprehensive business advisory services. Their expertise in company setup, particularly in guiding us through LLP registration and partnership firm

Year: 2023

establishment, laid a solid foundation for our innovative ventures. Ausweg Consulting's deep understanding of licensing requirements, including crucial permits for software exports, enabled us to navigate regulatory landscapes smoothly. Their

Industry: Technology

proactive compliance management, from EPF-ESI to income tax compliance, has ensured our operations remain compliant and efficient. With their support, InnovateTech Solutions continues to pioneer in technological advancements

Client: Seoul Global

Seoul Global Export Co. ventured into the Indian market with aspirations to expand our global export operations. Ausweg Consulting LLP played a pivotal role in facilitating our business setup in India, demonstrating deep expertise in cross-border business relations. Their

Year: 2023

assistance in creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between our Korean company and our Indian subsidiary was crucial in establishing trust and credibility with local stakeholders. Ausweg Consulting's meticulous approach to compliance,

Industry: Export Trading

including GST and RBI regulations, ensured seamless integration into the Indian business landscape. Thanks to their strategic guidance, Seoul Global Export Co. has successfully strengthened its presence in the competitive Indian


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